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Deadline: February 1st 2015

Take a minute to look at how far you've come. You started from nothing and now you've got a book ready to print. Now you get to see it all come together.

Place Your Order

There really shouldn't be any surprises at this phase. You've been working towards this point for months now but actually spending the money to print your book is a pretty big deal. Fortunately you're well prepared. You've already decided on your book's format, you've already set the budget and you've already earned set aside the funding.

If you're printing with Gorham Printing, you'll want to Log In or Create an Account. You'll either create a new quote or load a saved one if you've done this before. At the end of the quote is a form to place an order. You will pay half of the printing costs up front and the subsequent half on completion. Keep in mind, the final price may be higher depending on your proof process! We'll talk about how to avoid extra costs when we go over approving proofs.

Here are the details of the Finch Quest default, in the order you'll need them for Gorham Printing. By now, I fully trust that you to know what to enter differently if you've decided to deviate from the plan.

  • Cover: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Quantity: 50
  • Ebooks? 1
  • Pages: 32 Black and White pages
  • My Book Has Interior Bleeds? 2
  • Size: 6"x9"
  • Paper: 60# White Accent
  • Cover: 12pt white C1S
  • Lamination: Gloss
  • Design: I will provide PDFs
  • Printed or Online Proof? 3

There are three options here that we haven't talked about before. Let's take a look a them.

  1. Ebooks - Digital distribution is a pretty big thing these days. One one hand, we've already distributed digitally by posting our pages online, but on the other, making your book available on e-readers is another market where people might buy your book. The ebook distributors all have guides for how to set these files up yourself, or you could pay a bit more to let the printer set them up for you.
  2. Bleeds - Having artwork that goes all the way to the edge of the page is more expensive. When we were setting up our pages earlier, we placed a margin around the artwork so we wouldn't have to worry about bleeds. If you're an advanced artist who went all the way to the edge (and beyond, so it could be cut nicely) you'll want to check this box.
  3. Proofs - Printed proofs are more expensive but very much worth it. You will see details in the printed proof you would have never caught if it was all on screen and there's no other way to anticipate the output of the actual machines your book will be printed with. If you're concerned with budget, you can potentially slip by with a digital proof. You've printed your rough draft and had it proofread and you've done a color test of your cover. I will say, emotionally speaking, getting your physical proof in the mail is quite exciting.

Send PDFs to the printer

You'll be sending two PDFs to the printer, one for the cover and one for the body. Both should be exported for print quality, so both will be quite large. Despite living in the future, we still haven't ever really nailed down the best way to send large files. Gorham printing suggests DropBox, which is what I used to send my files in. Your printer will almost certainly contact you directly, either by phone or by email. Keep this contact information handy, you'll be asking a lot of questions over the next couple weeks.

Keep in touch with the printer to make sure the files were received without errors.

Name Your Files With Version Numbers

You will be sending these files back and forth a few times. It's important to be clear about which version is which so you and your contact at the printer don't get mixed up. There's a couple of handy ways to do this.

Named by Date Named by Version
  • mycomic-2015-01-02.pdf
  • mycomic-2015-01-12.pdf
  • mycomic-2015-01-14.pdf
  • mycomic-v1.pdf
  • mycomic-v2.pdf
  • mycomic-v3.pdf

...and it's off! Your book is out of your hands for a while, time to catch up on Game of Thrones. We're not done yet though. In about a week, you'll get your proof.

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