InDesign Placement

This guide will help you place your comic pages into your InDesign template.

After you've setup your InDesign document, it's time to place your artwork files. For this guide, we'll be placing 30 comic pages into a 30 page template. Click on File -> Place to open up the Place window.

In the Place window, you'll see a file browser. Select all your pages and press Open. You won't be importing the artwork, you'll be making links to the artwork.

After you open all your pages, your mouse cursor will be loaded with all your pages, ready to place. The boxes with an X in them are image boxes. If click arbitrarily, InDesign will create a new image box with the image in it. You want to click on the template's image box to place your images in them. The blue (number in parenthesis) will tell you how many of your pages you have left to place.

As I mentioned before, your images are not saved in your InDesign document, InDesign simply links to the image files. This is important to remember when moving files around or updating your images.

When one of your links changes, InDesign will let you know with a yellow ! icon.

You can double click the ! icon to update the link automatically, or right-click on the ! to see more options.

These art images are larger than the image boxes. We will need to use Fitting to automatically adjust the size of the image.

Right click on the image to bring up several options. Under Fitting we will find Fit Content Proportionately. This will shrink your image down to the size of the image box while preserve the aspect ratio. We have a lot of other options for other scenarios, feel free to play with them to see how they all work! Experimentation will teach you more than I ever can, and you can always push CTRL-Z to get back to where you were.

Our image has now been fit to our image box. You will need to do this for each image, but InDesign does offer hot-keys to speed things up.

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