Layout Your Book

Okay, your Kickstarter is all queued up. You've got some time to kill between setup and payday so now's the time to put the book together.

We'll be working in Adobe InDesign. Again, I'll try to add guides for other tools later, if I can get my friends to help write them. Whatever tool you use, the target is the same. We need to generate a 32 page black-and-white PDF at 300dpi, ready to send to the printer.

Q. What about the cover?

A. We'll be sending two PDFs to the printer: one for the body and one for the cover. We'll make the cover PDF in Step 9.

Set up your InDesign Document

So what settings do I need to... uh... is that an InDesign template?

Yup! I thought it might save us some time.
[comic-template.indd 1.1mb]

Aww... but I wanted to do it the hard way so I can learn everything!

*sigh* Fine.

Slideshow: Create Your Layout

Place Your Comic Pages

Now you've either created or downloaded a template. It's time to place your comic pages into the template.

The nice thing about using Photoshop with InDesign is the files were designed to work together. You do not need to export your photoshop files, you can place PSDs directly into InDesign.

You will not be importing graphic files into InDesign, because that would make file sizes astronomically large. Instead, InDesign makes links to your graphic files. This means when you change or move your graphic files, InDesign will ask you what happened. This is actually very handy, it just takes getting used to.

Let's see it with pictures!

Slideshow: Place Your Pages

Export a Print-Ready PDF

Exporting is technically easy. You're just pushing a couple buttons to save your layout as a print-ready PDF. The intimidating part is that there are a lot of options. The simple route is to use InDesign's default "print" setting, but we're going to walk through it so you can export with confidence.

Slideshow: Export your PDF

I will give you the good news first. From a technical standpoint, your book is ready to send to the printer. What's the bad news? YOU HAVE MADE ONE BILLION MISTAKES. Don't you worry though. There's a step for that.

Next Step: Proofreading home

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