Export Your PDF For Print

This slideshow will show you how to export your PDF to send to the printer.

Exporting is easy but there are a lot of intimidating options. For the most part, sticking to the default settings is all you need. To get started, go to File -> Export.

In the next prompt you will name your file. Here it is important to select Adobe PDF (Print). This will load the correct preset settings.

Now we are in the Export Adobe PDF panel. Make sure you set the Adobe PDF Preset to "High Quality Print." You most likely want to export all of your pages. Deciding between Pages or Spreads depends entirely on your printer, so ask what they prefer. Gorham Printing prefers pages, not spreads.

There's nothing else we want to change from the [High Quality Print] preset, but let's look at some of the other settings just to learn about them. Under the Compression section, we see the rules InDesign uses to compress our images. These setting will compress any excessively large images down to 300 Pixels Per Inch (Sometimes called DPI for Dots Per Inch when we're printing). Professional printing is done at 300 DPI, so there's no need for anything larger.

The final section you might find interesting is under the Security tab. You can require a password to open it and limit printing and editing the file. You won't need this to send your PDF to the printer but if you decide to offer a digital version, this panel could be very helpful.

That's all there is to it! Press Export and let the magic happen!

The magic is actually going to take a good long while. Processing a print-ready PDF is a processor-intensive exercise for your poor computer. You may want to play some video games. I'd say you've earned a break.

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