Kickstarter Budget Calculator

Use this tool to figure out your comic book's budget and how much you should ask for on Kickstarter.

  1. What is the lowest pledge level (kick) that people can make to get a copy of your book?

  2. What is the total cost for printing your book, including shipping and tax?

  3. How much will postage cost to send out one copy of your book?

  4. How much will a box of envelopes cost you?

  5. How much are you spending on Advertising your Kickstarter campaign?

  6. How much are you spending on additional Kickstarter rewards?

  7. How much will you spend buying an ISBN for your book?

  8. This is minimum number of kicks to achieve your goal.

  9. This is approximately how much Kickstarter's 10% feel will come to.

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