Scan Your Artwork

Here's a look at how to set your scan settings to capture accurate blacks, whites and grays.

In this scan driver, the option is called "Image Correction." We're going to set it to "Manual."

We change the "Kind" to "Black and White" and now we see sliders for Brightness and Contrast. Some drivers give you even more control than this, but we work with what we've got. Let's push the contrast all the way down to see what happens. Everything becomes muddled, letting the grays blend together.

Now we push the contrast all the way up. This particular scan is inkwork, so we want high contrast. Look what happens to the scan, the whites and blacks are clearly defined, but we're also picking up the shadow where the paper comes off of the scan bed. Most of us don't have a large format scanner, so this is something we have to compensate for!

If we adjust the brightness, we'll set more of the image to pure white, but look what happens to the mid-tones in Natalie's hair. We've lost a lot of detail here! Play with the settings and get it as close as you can. We actually don't want it perfect yet, we're just trying to capture the right info from the scanner to use in Photoshop later.

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