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Draw the Pages

Grab the bristol, it's time for production! Did your pen stall one inch above the paper again? That's normal, but you know how to beat that now. Skip the apprehension and start drawing!

It's a long road ahead. The trick to traveling a long road is to keep walking. You're going to want to figure out your pace. Page one will go a little slow, page two might still be hard to start, but by page three, you should have a sense of your cadence. Once you know how often you can finish a page, set yourself regular deadlines to keep the velocity up. Don't rush it, just keep at it nice and steady.

You'll almost certainly want some validation for your finished pages, so post them online! Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Deviant Art are all great places to get some exposure. Facebook isn't as great, you're likely to get stalled trying to reach anyone you don't already know. Reddit can be hit-or-miss. You won't get much traction on /r/comics as a beginner but if you can find some smaller subreddits that are relevant to your comic's theme, you're likely to get a much warmer welcome. If you're feeling thick-skinned, posting to 4chan's /co/ or /ig/ boards will fetch you some harsh criticism, but it you can endure it you will get better.

We're here to help as well! Follow @sicagaclub on Twitter and tweet your pages at us as you finish them. Searching @sicagaclub will help you see what other folks are working on.

By page ten, your craft is going to be much better than it was when you started. You may wish to go back and "fix" your earlier pages. It's a trap! Stay focused on finishing! This is your rough draft, you'll have plenty of time to make changes in the editing phase. Also, remember that as the artist, you see details and mistakes that will be invisible to the readers. You are your own worst critic! Keep making pages and get feedback from others before you go around "fixing" everything.

Around page twenty, you're going to want to start planning for your Kickstarter. You've still got some time before you actually launch your Kickstarter, but it's an extended process. Most of all, you'll want to decide when on the calendar your Kickstarter will start and end. Plan at least a month ahead. You know all those folks you've been tweeting and tumbling your comics at? Let them know when the Kickstarter is coming so they'll be standing by to jump in when it hits.

You rhythm is solid by now. You've got this. Follow it through and I'll see you again when you're ready for polish!

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