Start Your Comic Book

The distance between your pen and your paper is greater then the whole rest of the journey.

Let's face it, getting started is not easy. You're asking your brain to create art, a task that is not likely to feed you or pay your bills.

This is one step in the process I can't actually help you with. Every person is different. Every artist I've ever met has a different ritual to push themselves past "I want to make art" to "I am making art."

What I can do is assure you that it's no small feat to put your pen to the paper for the first time. That final inch between ink and papyrus is so cosmically dense with anxiety and apprehension that most potential artists witness their ambition obliterated on contact with the event horizon. It's mortifying.

Ready for the good news?

It's one inch. It's not a battle with gods and valkyrie to destroy the rheingold, it a movement of your wrist muscles. Deep breath. Forget about making it perfect. Forget about where to start. Move your hand that single brobdingnagian inch and make the first mark. Then make another.

Congratulations. You are no longer an aspiring artist. You are now officially an artist.

Next Step: Plan Your Comic home

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