Finch Quest 2015

Sicaga's Hipster Finch wants you to self-publish your comic!

By March 27th 2015, you're going to draw, kickstart and print your own comic book and Sicaga's got your back! We're going to walk you through it every step of the way.

I'm ready! Let's make my comic book!

All this year, the artists of Sicaga are going to help you publish your own comic book. You're going to draw it, lay it out, send it to a professional printer and fund it all by yourself! It all starts right here, where we'll break down the process so you can take it one step at a time. Check out our social media links (Facebook Reddit Twitter DeviantArt) where you can post your progress or ask for advice along the way. You're also always invited to swing by any of our Seattle events to hang out with the gang and get some pointers!

Worried? Anxious? Don't think you're good enough? Don't think you can do it?


Sicaga's raison d'etre is helping you find your voice. You have an amazing comic book in you and we are going to help you get it out there. You're about to set out on a huge journey and let's face it, the hardest part is taking the first step. So let's take that step right now. Push the huge, friendly button below that says "get started" and let's get this comic started.

Get Started

Already started? Just pick up where you left off!

Share Your Progress

Here's where to find us on social media. Please send us your progress! Let's use the hashtag #finchquest for this project.

Support Finch Quest

We want to keep Finch Quest simple and fun, so we don't need too much help other than spreading the word. If you'd like to say thanks for what we're doing, here's a couple ways to show your completely optional appreciation.


To get your comic done by Emerald City, you're going to have to keep moving! Here's a list of deadlines you'll need to reach.

Other Guides and Resources


This guide was written by Jeremy Kayes. Jer also wrote a book called The Indies which you can buy on Amazon or read online.

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